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A-rank Missions

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1 A-rank Missions on Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:59 pm



Post A-rank missions

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Mission Name: Lady Anko and the head hunter.
Faction: Genin and Jonin
Type: Team Mission
Rank: A-rank
W.C: W.C 550
Country: Land of Fire, Konohagakure.
Destination: Land of Earth, Iwagakure Gates.
Mission Description: Lady Anko is a respected friend of the Earth Daimyo and hales from The Land of Water, she has taken her travels to Konohagakure to take in the peaceful sites and scenery, she is asking for escort protection back to the land of earth, where she has a second home. She however has left out to inform you that she is being hunted down by assassins from Amegakure  hired by people of Otogakure. It is up to you to get her back to Iwagakure and past the gates so she may be in the protection of the military police of Iwagakure. (Location upon meeting lady Anko will be in front of Yamanaka flowers.)

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Mission Name: Strengthening Relations - Death in the Waters
Faction: Genin, Chunin, and Jonin
Type: Team
Rank: A rank
W.C: 550
Country: Hi no Kuni
Destination: Mizukage's Mansion - Konohagakure
Mission Description: Kirigakure and Konohagakure have always had their differences over the years. And a recent issue involving both villages and the Land of Sound has created tension between the two villages. In an attempt to recreate the previous harmony between the two countries, the Fire Daimyo has tasked Konoha with the delivery of a peace treaty proposal to Kirigakure. Somehow, the Land of Sound has gotten their hands on intelligence regarding this task, and have plans to intercept your team between the borders. Skilled users of the Water Release have been tasked with intercepting your team as you sail to the Land of Water on a ship whose only firepower is that of your team. Failure is not an option here as tensions will only rise if both countries refuse to communicate.
Furthermore, your team will be attacked during your return as well, but this time at the docks which lead back to the Land of Fire. The Land of Sound is aware that if your team does not return home, that the Land of Fire's suspicions will exponentially increase in regards to their distrust of the Land of Water.

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